Camilo Atala Faraj has the utmost sense of responsibility for his work.

Camilo Atala Faraj, as a businessman of wide knowledge, is the expansion leader of the biggest and most successful financial groups in Central America, has the utmost sense of responsibility, not only for his work but with the Honduran family and society.

His position as executive of the Ficohsa Financial Group (GFF) allows him to contribute with millions of Central Americans to achieve their dreams through work.

As a socially responsible person he has as an objective that the region moves forward through the generation of opportunities that allows for the people and companies to advance in their growth, to in their future be strong generators of jobs and contribute with Honduras’ development.

Camilo Atala Faraj fights to face the high indexes of scholar desertion.

Camilo Atala Faraj is the leader of the private sector, a condition that allows him to fight to face the high indexes of scholar desertion, as there’s many children that don’t have the possibility to assist educational institutions, because they live in vulnerable zones and have limited resources.

For this reason and motivated to contribute with the Honduran education, in 1998 created the Ficohsa Foundation for Childhood Education to give them the opportunity to have a better future.

“We have dropped in 98% the indicators of scholar desertion, changed the way of thinking of many parents, who come out convinced that educating their children will allow them to have bigger opportunities in the future”, said the banker.

Innovation thoughts represent opportunities of change.

Atala Faraj since the founding of Ficohsa Foundation also contributes with the Central American integration, longed for many years, as it shows that planned projects materialize through hard work.

As an experienced person he understands that Central America and Honduras need the impulse of everyone, and invites the people and companies to promote the development of countries. “We have the opportunity to be a big generation that changed the destinies of the region forever and this must be something that motivates us all”, he concluded.